At the core of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we prioritize the significance of a robust warranty and after-warranty service, ensuring long-term reliability and high performance of our machines.

Our firm commitment to outstanding service includes:

  • Service centers and parts warehouses in Canada, the USA, Europe & India
  • Local service technician or service partners in all of our major markets
  • Pre-emptive calibrations once every six months and corrections for smooth running, for extension of operation life and optimal machining accuracy
  • Geometry check-out of the machine, table and angle heads
  • Complex diagnostics and correction after machine crash
    • production optimalization: accuracy - maintenance
    • measurement and calibration - circular accuracy by Ballbar test 
    • measurement and calibration - linear positioning accuracy by Laser test
    • calibration of kinematic transformations by workpiece probe 
    • measurement and resetting of machine geometry
    • Machine Remote Diagnostics
      All FERMAT machines are equipped with machine remote diagnostics. This feature provides customers with quick on-line problem-solving analysis of their machine by skilled FERMAT Service Technicians. Machine problems such as programming difficulties, electronic and mechanical error messages can be diagnosed and, in most cases, solved.
      Main advantages of remote diagnostics are:
      • The quickest possible way to detect a failure at the machine
      • Very short time between the message about a failure and the first on-line contact with the customer
      • Immediate consultation with the customer whether a spare part is necessary
      • Efficiency of PLC problem solution is approx. 80%
      • Machine data backup, statistics are later used to improve Customer Service

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