In recent years, the conference of FERMAT representatives for DACH countries took place in one of Brno hotels. This conference also included a tour of FERMAT production and assembly shop, introduction of new products... However due t COVID situation, we were forced to cancel the conference last year.

But since then we have learned our lesson and have prepared for any situation. And we are happy to say that the conference DID take place, in October this year. But for the first time it was not in Brno, but in Nuremberg, at one of our dealers - at company Och, who we would like to thank for their hospitality.


We presented news in production - the new line of automatic milling heads for machines WFC 10 and WFT 11, along with the accessories for automatic clamping and new generation of machine WF 13R. We also summarised the most challenging projects of the year 2021. We also introduced a new department - FERMAT Online. It was founded at the start of COVID season last year and its task is to bring the company to the customervirtually, in the form of virtual tours, videos on YouTube, or HoloLens glasses.

There were also some predictions in future development of the market with metal-working machines, but we will keep the details for ourselves. :)

We couldn't have avoided some problematic issues, such as increase in price of components, or longer delivery periods. But this is a global problem.

We are happy to say that FERMAT is steadily moving forward, testing new things and technologies and therefore also getting better and better.

We thank everyone for their participation and are looking forward to the next year.